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About Us

Hi everyone and welcome from Italy Shore Drivers Team!

If you are visiting our website is because you are planning to visit our beautiful country, Italy!

Yes Italy! That fabulous country you’ve always heard about for all its art, history, food & wine!

Our company provide transportation services all over Italy departing from the west coastal regions of Tuscany (Florence), Lazio (Rome), Campania (Naples), Liguria (Cinque Terre) and other nearby areas. Our wonderful team has been working successfully in the Driver and Guide business for many years, serving travellers from all over the World and making dreams become true!

For many years we have talked, planned, written, explored & travelled around our country with enthusiasm & passion to find the best locations for our future customers to explore & enjoy. After all our research, in 2013 we founded our new company called Italy Shore Drivers.

If you are travelling to Italy on a Cruise ship, we’ll pick you up as soon as you arrive, right at your ship, in the ports of your choice. or if you are planning a longer stay in our beatiful country,we will pick you up at your villa, hotel or other accomodation and drive you safely to your disired destination(s).

All our itineraries are perfectly planned to fit into your time in Italy, and we’ll do our best to customize the tou according to your needs. We can drive you throughout the Tuscan countryside, Florence, Pisa, Lucca…. then Rome…Naples…the Amalfi coast… and many other fantastic places from North to South of Italy!

And of course, you’ll have the chance to take part in our traditions and lifestyles form tasting our delicious foods and sampling our superb wines to name just a couple! We are not just private driver for the day, but we want to show and especially, share Italy with all of you!

Our goal is to give you the best experience possible, with the opportunity to explore Italy even if in a limited amount of time.

We will take care of you on your vacation. We’ll make it unforgettable! We not only wantyou to remember Italy, but also two passionate guys named Gian & Mike!!!

So come visit Italy and choose Italy Shore Drivers, you will not regret it!!!!


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