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About our Services

1Do you provide other services?
ISD provides unlimited transportation services for Weddings,Congresses,Special Events,Meetings,Shows,Concerts and many more. Email our office for more informations and quotes.

About the Tours

1How do I book a private Tour / Shore excursion?
Booking a private tour is very easy. If you’re traveling on a cruise, simply choose the Port of call(s), then the Tour of your choice and click “info & price”. Fill in the entire form, read our policy and confirm. We will email you back promptly with the best price and suggestions.
2What if I am staying in a Hotel rather than a Cruise Ship and looking for a Tour?
No problem, we offer tours from any part of Italy, from, towards and within the Tuscany Region ( read below), Rome or Naples. (Please note: Tuscany is NOT a city but 1 of 20 italian regions.Tuscany region includes: Florence, Pisa, Livorno, Siena, San Gimignano,Lucca,Carrara,Montecatini,Volterra,Bolgheri and many many more towns and villages ) Do you offer Tours in other parts of Italy? ISD offers tours all over Italy but your pick up or drop off area has to be from,towards or within Tuscany ( read up above ), Rome or Naples city areas.

About the Driver

1Who is my driver?
ISD drivers are all professional and fully licensed with several years of experience. We’ve selected only the best drivers for you.
2How do I recognize my driver?
It’s very easy to recognize your driver as he will be standing in front of the gangway of your cruise ship, with a sign, showing your name and our company logo; or at the reception of your hotel waiting for you.
3Can I request a specific driver?
We always try to satisfy your requests and will do our best to schedule the tour with your favorite driver, although sometimes he might be already booked for another service. Please note that ALL our drivers are top ones and will do their best to make your journey unforgettable.
4Does the driver speak english?
Yes, each of our drivers speak fluent english and will do their best to understand all your need. Feel free to talk to your driver at anytime.
5Is my driver also a tour guide?
In Italy there is a difference between a driver-guide and a tour-guide and they both require different licenses: A driver-guide ( or tour guide-driver ) is a professional driver that granted all the requirements to lead special vehicles into the main italian and european cities.As a result of this each driver also trained to learn basic notes of the italian history to improve his service by giving all passengers informations about the sites you are visiting. A driver-guide can also recommend you which sites to visit and how to get access to them.A driver-guide cannot neither explain you the history of the sites from outside the vehicle nor walking with your inside the monuments. A tour-guide ( or city tour-guide ) attended special courses to get the license that allows to enter monuments and museums with a group of visitors.The city tour guide can explain you the history of the sites, all the little details and walk around the cities with you. If you wish a city tour guide, ISD can provide it for you at extra charge. ( Recommended for Uffizi Museum Florence, Vatican in Rome, Pompei in Naples )
6Shall I tip the driver after the service or is tip included in the price?
Tips are not included in the quoted price for your service. If you are happy of the service received, your driver will definitely appreciate a tip as a token of your satisfaction. Standard gratuities in Europe are between 10-25%.

About the Company

1What does ISD mean?
ISD means ITALY SHORE DRIVERS, we usually use this abbreviation to make it easier. You can find this abbreviation in our website and you can use it when writing reviews.
2What kind of vehicles does ISD use?
ISD fleet offers the most reliable vehicles for all its services.We offer 3 varieties of vehicles: Sedan, Minivan, Minibus. Maximum number per vehicle is 8 passengers as we wish to interact with all of you to make your journey unique.
3Am I insured when traveling on board of your vehicles?
Yes, in Italy car insurance is mandatory and every passenger is protected in case of emergency.Remember that all our vehicle incur safety checks every year. In any case we always recommend to provide for a personal travel insurance before leaving your country.
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